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The Australian political independence charter strategy. We aim to increase awareness for Australia to become truly independent of world powers. We also aim to stimulate the interests of people in governance such that Australia can be free of the conventional mode of governance.

Increase Awareness for Australia

We understand the need for more globally-relevant ideas to drive good and inclusive governance in Australia, which will serve the needs of all persons and disadvantaged populations.

It is time to take the mantle and change the landscape of governance in Australia.

Following much debate and consideration, Australia was birthed through a peaceful means that only required lots of dialogue. Federation refers to the process by which a country becomes independent and begins to govern itself. This is the case with countries of the world, today. But it wasn’t quite so in times past when there were colonies and many countries were under the leadership of other countries. When Australia was created, it was the result of a British’s Act of Parliament.
Australia has developed across various areas ever since federation. The country has witnessed development across different levels and it is crucial to trace the development. The best way to do this is by evaluating the milestones of the country. When you examine the milestones, you can gain insight into how the Parliament’s work has continued to be a key factor influencing development in the country. The milestone represents various stages of achievement which indicates the success in Australia concerning its attempts at development.
The parliament house represents the key place where the decisions in the country are made. The members meet for the interest of the people and represent their needs adequately. Members of parliaments have communities they are representing and this makes their job an important part of strengthening the people, their communities, and addressing the needs thereto. The parliament house is a unique decision-making building where the members make decisions that affect the entire country.

System of Government

Understanding the development in Australia has to do with the understanding of the system of government. The system of government refers to how power is shared between the different levels in Australia. There are various things to understand about the power sharing formula in Australia. This relates to the multiple levels of government and their operation. An insight into this helps to shape the way the government is perceived and also helps to understand how decisions are made and the body that has the power to do what.

Australian Constitution

The constitution of the country describes the role of the different levels of government. It is responsible for ascribing the duties of everyone in the country. With the constitution, there is a delineation of powers and duties. The executive knows what to do and the parliament knows what to do. This makes for a good separation of power in the government. The Australian constitution sets out the roles of the government and also the framework by which the government operates.

Parliament at Work

The parliament is charged with the responsibility of making laws and ensuring that the right decisions are put in place for the interests of the people. The parliament has the responsibility to facilitate frameworks that promote development in the country. They must ensure that there is an enabling environment for the growth of the country and the improvement of the lives of the citizens.

Why Auspics

For so long, Australia has practised governance in a conventional way that only gets successful people to power. This has been the way the country has operated, which often has led to the recycling of the same ideas without solving more problems that deeply affect the society.

In a situation like this, it is difficult to grow, as there are limited opportunities and the government is not fostering new solutions that will make for inclusion and a more comprehensive form of government. This cannot continue if Australia will witness more meaningful growth that makes for the inclusion of all stakeholders.

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People In Parliament

The people in parliament are those responsible for the day to day decision making process of the country. They have the duty to ensure that the laws are adequate and that the interests of the people are well represented. The parliament is a crucial part of the country’s government, as it ensures that the needs of the people are served. With a functional parliament, a country can remain functional without trampling upon the interests of the people.


The Senate is at the forefront of bills and voting on amendments. This is one of the key areas of government that ensures all is set and right with the laws. The senate decides on matters of national interest and ensures that the rights of the people in the country are adequately represented. With the presence of the senate, there are adequate checks and balances on the actions of the government.


The opposition refers to the alternative party or coalition that isn’t the government. Although not in government, the opposition g has immense responsibilities, mostly including examining and investigating the actions of the government. This ensures the government is put in check, as the opposition is always out to get the government. With such a framework.


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