History Milestones

Tracing Political Development In Australia

Australia has developed across various areas ever since federation. The country has witnessed development across different levels and it is crucial to trace the development. The best way to do this is by evaluating the milestones of the country. When you examine the milestones, you can gain insight into how the Parliament’s work has continued to be a key factor influencing development in the country. The milestone represents various stages of achievement which indicates the success in Australia concerning its attempts at development. The different milestones come in different shapes, but all work to influence the decision to strive for development

Tenterfield Address

One of the key milestones in the history of Australia is the Tenterfield Address. The address happened during a banquet for Henry Parkes. At the banquet, Bew South Wales’s Premier delivered the Tenterfield address which will then become a significant address that spurred the momentum to agitate for federation. The address was a rousing ad inspiring one targeted at calling for national government and ensuring that everyone present at the event felt the need to join in on the struggle for national government and federation. The address did not just end with those at the event but also had immense impacts after it got published.

This created a sense of self and sparked the interest of the people in federation. Parkes showed the people the importance of the six British colonies coming together and pulling their weights. He explained to the people the things that seemed cloudy about federation and national government, which made his address one that resonated with. He believed in the necessity of national government, as it was a means for Australians to be at the helm of their own affairs. This meant that they will be able to deal with issues affecting them more adequately.

New Nation

Delegates fr0m the colonial parliaments came together in 1981 to decide whether they should foster a union that will address their interests and needs better. After heated discussion that lasted for a long while, the resolution was that it is in the best interest of Australians and its future posterity that the colonies unite. Such a union will be adequate for directly solving the needs of the Australians and ensuring that their interests are adequately represented. This is essential to development, because when the needs of a people are met, they can advance and have more essential discussions on the way forward.

The year following the deliberation, the delegates met to draft a constitution that will reflect the interests and contemplate the needs of Australians. The constitution was going to underscore the new nation they intend to build. However, this met some stiff reactions from colonial parliaments as the enthusiasm of parliaments reduced due to the economic recession that happened. Despite this, the public remains strongly in support of the new nation and felt the need to go ahead with it regardless.

Federation Referendums

Referendums were held to also aggregate the opinions of the people in support of the new nation.