Parliament at work

Get Insights Into The Work of The Parliament

The parliament is charged with the responsibility of making laws and ensuring that the right decisions are put in place for the interests of the people. The parliament has the responsibility to facilitate frameworks that promote development in the country. They must ensure that there is an enabling environment for the growth of the country and the improvement of the lives of the citizens.

This makes the parliament a key part of government. The part that makes the law and decides what to repeal is clearly one that has an essential work in the social and economic engineering of a country. There is a lot about the parliament’s work, which necessitates the need to have an effective parliament in a country.

The budget goes through the parliament for approval before it gets ratified. This is to ensure that there are adequate checks and balances. The parliament examines the budget to determine if all it contains are necessary and if there are things to remove from it. By doing so, the parliament ensures that the budget reflects the needs of the country and provides adequately across different sectors.

It also serves the needs for questioning the decision of the government on its choices and the things it includes in the budget. It is essential for the budget to be a reflection of the things that will fill the gaps in the country and the parliament is there to ensure that this objective is met.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the parliament has been at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 and ensuring that the citizens are adequately protected. Through stimulus and reshaping of laws to fit the current realities, the parliament has been able to make the lives of the citizens easier. There are regulations which now address the needs of people in the times of the pandemic.

With a functional parliament, there are regulations for economic stimulus, palliatives, and tax breaks to help business and people navigate the tough times of the pandemic. If there is a need that seems acute and requires solutions, the parliament is often at the forefront trying to use the instrument of laws and regulations to serve the needs.

The parliament sits at different times in a week with a list of agenda to work on. Their works cut across all sectors and everything that has to do with the country. Because laws are fundamental to a country, it becomes highly important for the parliament to work hard enough to investigate different sectors and provide solutions that can serve the needs of the sector.

The parliament is also a place for evolution. As times change, the realities of the society also change and there comes the needs to advance the laws to match those realities. The essence of law is that they should not be stagnant. To ensure this becomes a thing, the parliament is the avenue for legislators to raise bills to address social gaps and provide solutions.