Parliament House

All You Need To Know About The Parliament House

The parliament house represents the key place where the decisions in the country are made. The members meet for the interest of the people and represent their needs adequately. Members of parliaments have communities they are representing and this makes their job an important part of strengthening the people, their communities, and addressing the needs thereto. The parliament house is a unique decision-making building where the members make decisions that affect the entire country. This is the place where laws are made and the things concerning the nation are discussed to determine what should be pursued and what should not be.

The parliament house comes with a great design. It was designed by the Mitchell and Thorp Architects. Out of 329 entries for designing the parliament house, this was the selected one, as the architectural design was super and creates a structure that blends easily with the environment. The parliament later outgrew this house and felt the need for a bigger one that can serve the needs and capacity of the parliament more adequately. The parliament was witnessing the presence of more than 3000 people and the house could no longer take it. This led to the construction of a new house Capital Hill, which was opened in 1988. The new design serves the parliament more and allowed more people to be present in the parliament processes.

National Symbols

There are several national symbols that are used to lay claims to the things that belong to the Australian government. The symbols are national because they reflect the government and will also be used on the properties and every other thing that has to do with the government. From buildings to passports, you will see one or multiple national symbols.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms reflects a shield that has the symbols of six Australian states. There are two Australian animals holding the shields, which are a kangaroo and an emu. There is a gold federation start which represents the six states and the seventh one represents all the territories.

From buildings to passports, the Coat of Arms is used to lay claims to the property of the government and continues to remain one of the foremost government symbols you will find anywhere you look in Australia.

Australian Flag

One of the most remarkable symbols of the country is the flag. The flag is easily what comes to mind when you need to identify a country. It carries the identity of the country and separates the country from others. The flag is also used to demonstrate the colours of the country, which the country adopts for use in official matters.

The Australian flag has the Union Jack, Southern Cross, white federation star, all placed on a background with the blue colour. This goes to show the country’s regard for the colour blue in its dealings. The essence of the union jack in the flag goes to show the historical link Australia shares with the UK.