System of Government

Understanding The Government’s Framework

Understanding the development in Australia has to do with the understanding of the system of government. The system of government refers to how power is shared between the different levels in Australia. There are various things to understand about the power sharing formula in Australia. This relates to the multiple levels of government and their operation. An insight into this helps to shape the way the government is perceived and also helps to understand how decisions are made and the body that has the power to do what. The system of government is crucial to the political development of a country, because the system comes into play in analysing the country and determining the use of power.

The system of government in Australia finds its roots in the British Westminister’s approach to governance. The reason for this is not far fetched since Australia shares a significant historical link with Britain. This means that some of the elements of Britain will be found in Australia, and this accounts for the similarities in the system of government.

All You Need To Know About Australian’s System of Government

There is a mixed system of government in Australia, which makes use of different systems and not exactly a single one. You can view the system of government as multiple things at once.

Representative Democracy: representative democracy represents the situation where the representatives in government are directly advancing the interest of those that voted them in. This form of system is in Australia, as voters are responsible for the election of representatives who are expected to serve their needs while in office. The voters vote for members of the parliaments to make laws on the behalf of the people and ensure that the rights of the people are adequately protected. This is a key part of the democracy in Australia, which gives the people the ultimate right as the decider of those in power.

Constitutional Monarchy: Monarchy refers to the system of government where a king or a queen is at the helm of affairs of a country. This has to do with royalty and the royal bloods who continue to become the king and queens of the country, because their lineage is a royal lineage. But with a constitutional monarch, instead of the monarch having unchecked powers, the powers are checked as the monarch has to operate in accordance with the constitution. The Queen is the head of state, but the Queen has to exercise her powers with the laid down rules of the constitutions.

By doing so, the Queen has been brought within the auspice of constitutional monarchy, which seeks to guide and check the powers of a monarch.

Federation: This is one of the key features of Australia. A federation is a group of states that have submitted some level of powers to a central government that shall now address their needs and aggregate the interests of the several countries under it. This is the vase with Australia.