Why Auspics?

Getting Involved In Governance

For so long, Australia has practised governance in a conventional way that only gets successful people to power. This has been the way the country has operated, which often has led to the recycling of the same ideas without solving more problems that deeply affect the society.

In a situation like this, it is difficult to grow, as there are limited opportunities and the government is not fostering new solutions that will make for inclusion and a more comprehensive form of government. This cannot continue if Australia will witness more meaningful growth that makes for the inclusion of all stakeholders. Women, the common men, and the young population need to become stakeholders in developmental processes. They must be involved and governance must become receptive to new ideas that will drive the type of change that speaks to a global context.

Decent Australians have to put themselves out there and begin the process of becoming stakeholders in the process of governance. There is a need to take charge and start getting involved. The problems will not solve themselves. This makes it crucial for the people who truly care about change in Australia to start building a system that can get more committed individuals into power.

There is a dire need to reshape the landscape of governance in Australia. The government has not been performing up to par and this has continued to have adverse effects on the vulnerable populations in the country. We have to ensure we address these governance gaps and make for solutions that can match the realities of the country.

Women have done an immense job in this regard. They have taken up roles and charged the government for change. Women have displayed the need to overrule the arrogant culture of those ruling us. They have shown the need to do away with a government that is not idealistic and has no framework for developing effective solutions that can serve the needs of the people.

The world keeps evolving, but the government has failed to evolve accordingly, which continues to threaten the existence of the vulnerable populations in the society. Therefore, there is a need to turn the hands of time and ensure that this reality is changed. The agent of governance should be restructured to reflect the interests of the people. There is a need for an Australia with a high regard for human rights and social justice. We need an Australia that possesses good values capable of affecting the lives of the citizens and having positive impacts. This will make for a better representation and governance.

This website is for those who desire to see change and would like to contribute to the process.